Daisy Hill Estates Policies

Affording affordable homes has always been our mission. When each person does their part it helps accomplish this goal.  

Pet Waste

Each tenant is responsible to clean up after their animal. Failure to do so will result in a violation of the lease.


All trash shall be deposited in the appropriate trash receptacle. At no time shall trash be placed on the ground, porch or any area not specifically designated to hold trash. Any large items will require the tenant to call the trash company directly and prepay for pickup.

Speed Limit

Maximum Speed Limit is 10 mph

Lawn Maintenance

Each tenant is responsible for keeping their lot clear of trash, brush and debris according to the lease. Each lot shall be kept in a clean and neat manner not to become an eye sore to the community.


Each tenant is permitted two vehicles which will park in the Tenant’s designated spot. All traditional automobiles must have current license plates. Any vehicle without a license plate is in violation of local ordinances and will be towed at the owner's expense. No campers, boats, RV’s shall be permitted in the park. No vehicles shall park on any grassy area. Parking in the road is not permitted.


All pets must be kept on a leash in accordance with local ordinances. All stray animals shall be reported immediately to management. Each tenant shall provide a picture of their animal to management. Failure to maintain renter’s insurance with adequate coverage will result in the immediate dismissal of the animal(s) from the park. 


Each tenant is responsible for any amount of a combined water/sewer bill over $100. That amount is due with the next monthly rent payment. 


All bikes, toys, outside items shall be kept in a clean and neat manner on the tenants lot. Items shall be organized in a manner that does not interrupt mowing services or the rights of other tenants, delivery services etc. Items left unattended in the road, other tenants lots will be disposed of at management's discretion.

Weather Alert Radio’s

Each home is responsible for maintaining their weather alert radio in a fashion that allows for notification of severe weather. Loss/Theft of weather alert radio shall be reported immediately to the manager. 

Smoke Detector’s

At no time shall a smoke detector be removed. Each tenant is responsible for maintaining the battery in the smoke detector. Batteries will be provided upon request.


At not time shall any item be placed on the tenant’s deck or porch that could be considered unsightly by the community. This includes clothing, trash, animals or other items.

Screen Doors

All screen doors are required to be kept shut. Damage from wind and weather related to open doors is the financial responsibility of the tenant.


At no time shall the skirting be removed from the home. Removing skirting will result in higher utility bills and possible damage to the home. 

Quiet Hours

QUIET HOURS are from 10pm-7am please be considerate of your neighbors

Upon Norification from the Town Marshall of an ordinance violation all fee’s will be passed on to the tenant.


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